Objectives of IKRI

The Indigenous Knowledge Research Infrastructure (IKRI) have the following objectives:

  1. Restoration and preservation of indigenous knowledge
  2. Conservation of diet diversity and agro-biodiversity
  3. Improved food, nutrition and health of the people and ecosystems
  4. Long-term socio-economic return to the society

It will combine frontier science and technologies (Earth Observation and geospatial intelligence with 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies) to develop a portal that captures, processes, analyses, and presents indigenous knowledge through multiple sources such as compiling knowledge from existing studies and sponsoring new studies specific need-based projects and routine surveys.

The IKRI initiative and repository will contribute to

  • Socializing decision making about the use of IK in food systems
  • Trigger Public-Private-Partnership interest and develop viable entrepreneurship
  • Protect geographic identities and set up of indigenous systems
  • Link IK with biodiversity knowledge systems
  • Establish producer to consumer connection
  • Technology transfer for the benefit of indigenous people, as well as the food systems
  • Utilization of Genetic Resources and associated traditional Knowledge